Line of Business

LOB areas available within INFINITECRM make this solution efficient to reach the objectives of each business area and adapt in the best possible way to the functional operations of marketing, call centre,
sales and customer care staff.

Infinite CRM introduces the concept of LOBs (Line of Business), verticals that make the solution immediately usable, thereby reducing costs of customization and personalization. These are available natively on the application.
Owing to the tight integration between LOBs and modules, the business will be able to acquire the entire solution in stages, if required, thus ensuring the effective adoption of the proposed solution. InfiniteCRM was created to distinguish itself from other software available on the market, starting from its functional composition.

The idea for this tool was developed from studies performed within the industry, which highlight how costly and complex it is to implement a CRM strategy within a business, as well as the adoption of a tool that is able to correctly interpret these logics.
For this specific reason, InfiniteCRM has been created introducing the concept of Line of Business.
The LOBs represent “macro-areas” of the business; internal divisions within which businesses typically need to correctly manage the information of their customers.


  • It provides all the tools required to automate the activities of the corporate marketing department.

    Through InfiniteCRM’s Line Of Business functionality, communications to customers, suppliers or partners will be better targeted; additionally, it will be possible to schedule them with specific deadlines.
    Advanced management of email marketing allows to retrieve contacts’ status and replies.
    Activities relating to potential clients will follow a precise segmentation and will require reduced efforts from staff, both for the identification of the reference target and for carrying out the required actions. Every marketing initiative is tracked and measured, triggering automatic events on the basis of results, through the management of specific workflows.


  • It has all the functionalities of an efficient call centre, which offers telemarketing services for the promotion of its own products or of those of third parties.

    InfiniteCRM represents the advanced solution that allows you to develop a CRM project in the best way possible; taking advantage of such a well reputed partner guarantees the success of the project.

    InfiniteCRM is easy to install and to implement. Most importantly, it is very easy to use, allowing anyone to be operative within a short time, without the need of extensive training. Additionally, this solution can be fully integrated with other IT platforms (ERP and management software solutions) and is compatible with any type of business infrastructure.


  • It has all the functionalities which representatives, managers and executives need to connect with clients and focus on what really matters: sell more and reduce administrative tasks.

    LOB Sales Force Automation allows immediate handling of account management, tasks, ToDos, offers and commercial documents.
    Negotiations can be conducted and concluded more efficiently, thanks to the correct management of commercial leads, to the analysis of performances and to the automation mechanisms provided by the tool, such as the integration with the company’s ERP system.


  • Through the Customer Care LOB, it is possible to provide a proactive approach to the customer support service, with the aim of offering a quality service that is able to improve Customer Satisfaction.

    The ideal tool to create and manage support requests arriving through different channels (email, telephone, web) and automatically sort them, on the basis of templates which are predefined or assigned manually to the appropriate operators’ competence groups. On a single page, operators can have an overview of all customer’s information and requests’ history.
    An easy tool to allow your business to offer an effective and high-quality support service.