Scalable and modular, InfiniteCRM includes applications integrated natively that expand its uses, in order to enhance the capabilities of your business for optimal management of customer relations.

  • The Business Process Management tool to complement InfiniteCRM for the coordination, orchestration and management of complex organisational processes.

    Thanks to the power of Brainbusiness, InfiniteCRM allows businesses to continuously improve processes which relate to the relationship with the customer. This is achieved through the design of flows, and the integration and automation of IT resources, that enables the accurate measurement of the service’s performance and its gradual improvement.

    The automation of processes, whether they are simple or very complex, has significant benefits in terms of end results and reduction of management costs, turning the software into a real asset of the Business and a tool to communicate efficiently with users.

  • Business intelligence tools to acquire and visualise analytical data, KPIs and the incremental performance of processes.

    The business intelligence which provides in real-time functional data useful for managerial decisions.

    Fully customizable according to the needs of each operational area, these are integrated with processes and data involved in the lifecycle of the customer, with the ability to extract and display, through multi-dimensional graphics, performance indexes. Such indexes are used by managers to analyse processes and the organizational efficiency of activities and resources that are employed in the relationship with the customer.

  • The “above-technology” platform for complete governance of channels and of contents, and for cutting first-level support costs

    A codeless platform for the easy governance of infrastructure, technologies and information which are involved in the dialogue between brand and client, and that already exist in your organisation.

    It allows you to implement communication strategies both in one-to-one and in self-service mode, achieving a significant improvement in customer experience through the use of all channels available to communicate in real-time with your customer/user. Information and resources allocated to this dialogue are governed through the design of behaviour flows which can be easily created through Authoring Tool.

  • ENGAGENT is the innovative business solution that will allow your company to communicate with your users in one-to-one mode, via cross-channel and optimising the efficiency of your support team, through the power of virtual assistance.

    Developed from H-Care’s innovative technology, Engagent allows communication via Chat, both through your operators and through virtual assistance support that is integrated in back office processes.

    An interactive and self-service channel to improve customer service, as well as have the ability to take advantage of the real-time channel to suggest push contents that are tailored for the user.

In addition to software modules integrated natively, InfiniteCRM provides add-on modules to build on the range of basic functionalities according to the specific needs of each CRM project.