Some of the many characteristics that make INFINITECRM not only a software platform, but a real business partner


  • Communicate with users via cross-channel, centralising data and without losing information.

    InfiniteCRM guarantees to your business the ability to communicate bi-directionally with your users and with your clients via cross-channels. This allows both users and operators to use the most efficient channel and enables your marketing department to plan outbound campaigns that make use of different channels.

    With the available modules it will be possible to communicate through different channels: web, chat, telephone, email, sms, fax, mobile app and social networks.
    Thanks to Brainbusiness and Braininteractive it will also be possible to define response behaviours or notifications in both directions in one-to-one mode and through multi-level campaigns.


  • Easy to integrate with your business’ systems, InfiniteCRM represents an open and flexible solution.

    InfiniteCRM already has many software and infrastructure integrations (CTI, hardware, etc.), as well as webservices that allow simple integration of third party data sources.

    Thanks to the native processes orchestrator (Brainbusiness) it is even easier to communicate with and integrate third party data or information provided by the corporate back offices (ERP/management systems) extremely easily and without affecting the core application. In fact, the integration and modes of communication are defined through the visual editor Brainbusiness studio.


  • Thanks to HTML5 technology, the mobile version of InfiniteCRM can be accessed via any last generation device, both Smartphone and Tablet.

    The evolution of InfiniteCRM towards last generation mobile platforms is due to a strategy aimed at improving the performance of the sales force and staff working off-site.
    The resources are able to use a user-friendly tool that allows real-time access to all information relating to their contacts, updating of completed tasks and interaction with business processes.
    Through the Mobile module it will be possible to manage suspects, prospects and clients, browse and create new accounts, manage the calendar and activities, and consult documents and tasks associate with deals.


  • Owing to the native integration with ENGAGENT and BrainInteractive, your CRM platform will provide advanced solutions to communicate with the user.

    The technology offered by InfiniteCRM can make use of two advanced platforms for digital interaction: Engagent and Braininteractive.
    Engagent is the innovative real-time Chat system that is integrated with InfiniteCRM and allows you to communicate with your users, both with a human operator and with a virtual operator. It allows your management team to use the chat channel to offer support and perform marketing campaigns both in one-to-one and self-service mode.
    Braininteractive enhances your communication channels with digital interaction technology. SMS, web pages, voice channel will be able to make use of human digital assistant to communicate interactively and in a tailored way with your users.


  • Available both in Cloud and on-premise version, InfiniteCRM has all the characteristics necessary to adapt to your corporate policies.

    Designed to meet flexibly the needs of every company that has the power to choose a model of consumption according to its own corporate policies. InfiniteCRM can be delivered as a cloud/saas service or installed on a hosting space, either within your own or a partner’s infrastructure. Moreover, it is possible to migrate from the mode that is in use at any time without affecting the infrastructure or experiencing delays.


  • Design, control and automation of your corporate processes which make use of resources, data and infrastructures in the customer relationship management.

    Thanks to Brainbusiness, InfiniteCRM’s business process orchestrator, it is possible to automate the processes that are involved in the relationship with the client. In this way, every activity is added to an automated process in which the technology supports the team in the automatic execution of repetitive tasks, thereby reducing the occurrence of human errors, as well as execution time. Through the process orchestrator it is possible to define the communication and relationship strategies with the client by integrating data and services from third parties or from your information systems. Brainbusiness will also allow the user to keep all processes that are running under control and monitor processes to implement a continuous phase of tuning and improvement.